Shuichi Matsuda (Ph.D., Waseda Univ.)

Emeritus Professor, Waseda Univ. Business School. CPA (Ex. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu)
Former Chairman of the Japan Academic Society of Ventures and Entrepreneurs
Director of Business Model Association
Executive Director of Waseda Entrepreneurial Research Unit
Academic Award of the Japanese Institute of CPA

President & CEO
Tadashi Takiguchi (Ph.D., MBA, Waseda Univ.)

Visiting Professor, Waseda Univ.
Director of Waseda Entrepreneurial Research Unit
Ex. Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
Ex. CEO of Actcell Investment Co., Ltd.

Thesis : "A Study of Corporate Value Creation Based on Invisible Assets"
"The Relationship Between Investment Decision of Venture Capital and Valuation on the Human"
"A Practice of Intellectual Capital Management" , etc.
Hiroshi Taguchi

CEO of M-OUT Inc.
Former CEO and Founder of MISUMI Group Inc.

Publishing : "Businessmen's works which earn top salary" Mikasa Inc.
"Unveil - An open Management rears on human resources"
Hironori Higashide (Ph.D., MBA, Imperial College London)

Professor, Waseda Univ. Business School

Research Field: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance Chairman of the Waseda Entrepreneurial Research Unit
Thesis: "The consequences of conflict between the venture capitalist and the entrepreneurial team in the United Kingdom from the perspective of the venture capitalist"
"Determinants of the performance of the venture backed by the venture capitalist", etc.
Shigeru Nishiyama (Ph.D., Waseda Univ. MBA, Wharton)

Professor, Waseda University Business School
MBA of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Research Field: Accounting, Business Administration
Investment Division Manager
Nobutoshi Maeda (MBA Waseda Univ.)

Nobutoshi is a Investment Division Manager at WERU INVESTMENT where he actively involved in empowering University-originated start-ups@working@closely with Japanese government (MEXT and METI).

Before joining WERU, he focused on venture investment at Daiwa Corporate Investment which is a Private Equity investment firm of Daiwa Securities Group.

He also serves as the Board of trustees of Waseda University Entrepreneurrial Research Unit.

Nobutoshi received a BA in Political Science and Economics and an MBA both from Waseda University.

Fund Division Manager
Haruto Asaumi (MBA Waseda Univ., CPA)

Haruto is an expert of Fund Management and serves as a Fund Division Manager at WERU INVESTMENT.

He has 7 years experience in VB investment and in Fund Management?at WERU?and 6 years experience in IPO support, auditing and financial due diligence?at Ex. Misuzu Audit Firm (a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited [PwCIL]). He achieved 4 successful IPOs in his charge so far.

Business Development Manager
Keisuke Kikuchi (B.L. Waseda Univ.)

Keisuke serves as a business development manager at WERU. He mainly work with startups on their unique ideas or significant technologies.

Prior to WERU, He led business development and marketing efforts for INCS which is a privately held venture company providing leading electronics / automobile manufacturers with unique system solutions and outsourcing services.

Keisuke also serves as an adjunct researcher at World Intellectual Capital/Assets Initiative(WICI) and is a Chartered Member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan(CMA).